Weeeeeeeeeeeee! Zooming on the Pegasus Thruster underwater scooter – Perth Scuba
Weeeeeeeeeeeee! Zooming on the Pegasus Thruster underwater scooter

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Weeeeeeeeeeeee! Zooming on the Pegasus Thruster underwater scooter


Ever wondered what it's like to zoom around the ocean floor with an underwater scooter?

Pegasus Thruster underwater scooter

One of the biggest but mostly unrecognised benefits of diving with a scooter is the lack of air you use.

It just shows how the effort of diving really makes you work out... I know by now you are all saying “Wow so that’s how Lee keeps in such awesome shape!” (Round is a shape ok?) 

Well the benefits don’t just end there! You can cover way more ground so if you are hunting for Crays you will get to all of the places no one else can

Another (really big) benefit is for those of you who are geographically challenged under water… The scooted will take you right back to the boat no matter how far away you are from it… Well… within reason of course. If you aren’t sure where the boat is and its near the end of your dive… You can pop up to the surface, take a look and then head straight towards the boat… (Underwater of course will give you the best propulsion). We still recommend the Underwater Navigation course as a way of finding your way around though. 

As most of you know, Perth Scuba has a couple of scooters which we have for hire to use whilst on board Blue Destiny to make your dive day even more fun and totally effortless.

The latest addition to our small fleet is the Pegasus Thruster. You may have seen one of these on display in the shop (Yes it’s the one that retails at $6999) and it is AWESOME!!

The cool thing about THIS scooter is that it attaches to your cylinder on your back and had a lead which runs down your arm to your hand controller which sits nicely in the palm of your hand.

A simple push of the button and you are on your way!

To change direction you simply tilt your shoulder in the direction you want to go and your scooter will turn in that direction. 

Pegasus Thruster underwater scooter

Up against a surge or strong current you can just let the scooter do all the work and you save air and effort. I know, Scuba Diving is meant to be great exercise… well maybe not with one of these on your back

The Pegasus Thruster is so cool you can even change batteries underwater if you are going on a long trip. (Not that we advise scooting all the way to Rotto just in case you miss the Island and end up in South Africa)

If you are interested in the Specs for these awesome Scooters, they have a 45 Minute continuous run time. (Easy for 2 dives off the one battery since you aren’t “scooting” the whole dive anyway.

I still haven’t been able to run mine down to zero yet.

We have one of the Pegasus Thrusters for hire on board Blue Destiny for $50 per day and we can set you up with the unit on your cylinder for you for each dive for the day. Make sure you book yours next time you head out on Blue Destiny!!


  • NiMH Battery 
  • 12 Volt Hi Torque DC Motor
  • 35 -45 Minute Continuous Run Time
  • 5.9 Kg Dry Weight.
  • -2.3kg Underwater Weight
  • Tested to 75 metres
  • Speed 4.5km / hour
  • Made in the USA