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Facile 7mm Wetsuit

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This new version of the Facile wetsuit made entirely from 7mm Ultraspan neoprene is exceptionally supple and soft, lined with Helioflex, a material with excellent thermal characteristics.

A variety of special features limit water infiltration making the Facile suitable for diving in tepid and cold waters. 

To limit infiltration of water through the main zip (which stretches from the waist to the right cheek) the unique Water Stop System is used. This system employs a 3mm neoprene bib, bonded to the inside of the suit at the main zip. The tiny amount of water that actually manages to penetrate the zip does not reach the diver’s body but collects between the internal surface of the all-in-one and this bib, which has its own zip that is not aligned with the main zip (making it easy to put on and take off).

Therefore, this all-in-one is warmer than any other similar wetsuit on the market.

The thickness is differentiated with 7mm for maximum protection in vital areas and 5mm on the arms, calves, knees and hood, to increase freedom of movement. 

The incorporated hood, which prevents those annoying water leaks at the neck, has an Airfree valve to automatically release stale air.

The seals at the wrists and the ankles are double cuffed (3mm outside and 2mm single-lined inside) leaving gloves and boots lodged in a neoprene “sandwich”, between cuff and main garment, guaranteeing a practically watertight seal.

This is a modular wetsuit that includes an all-in-one with incorporated hood

The all-in-one is made from 7 mm double lined Ultraspan neoprene, with inner lining in Helioflex

Anatomical cut with pre-shaped arms and legs

YKK front zip from waist to cheek with special WSS infiltration system

Anti-wear reinforcements on the elbows and knees

Wrists and ankles have zips and are made from double material (3 mm Ultraspan + cuff in 2 mm Metallite)