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Eon Steel Dive Computer

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A new era in Suunto dive computers has begun. With insight from over 75 years, Suunto introduces its next generation dive computer. The intuitive Suunto EON Steel combines advanced technology with a bright color screen and customizable features and display to show clearly what you need. With heavy-duty housing, a stainless steel bezel, and user updatable software, Suunto EON Steel will dive with you for years to come.

Suunto focuses on dive computers so you can focus on your dive. 

The Suunto Eon Steel Dive Computer is the only computer you'll ever need!


Customize to match your evolving needs

Visually intuitive, consistent presentation

Simple, easy interaction with menus and buttons

Bright, high contrast display for easy reading in any dive conditions

Use with strap or bungee (included)

Flip display


Brushed stainless steel bezel

Highly durable and resistant Xensation™ glass

Robust mechanical construction

Extensively tested and built to last

Guaranteed to 150 m depth

Rechargeable battery: 20-40 hours of dive time with one charge (one week at liveaboard)


Gauge/Air/Nitrox/Trimix/CCR (fixed point)

Suunto Fused™ RGBM for maximizing dive time

No-decompression dive planner

Monitor multiple tank pressures with the new Suunto Tank POD

Easy planning and customization with Suunto DM 

Upgrade with new features