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Contour Sidemount 50 BC

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The Contour SM has a unique shaped wing allowing your center of gravity to be moved further down the body to accommodate the lower side mount cylinders meaning easier to trim out for the SM diver.

  • The unique shaped wing requires no bungies for wing shape control. 50 pounds of lift
  • The easily activated top OPV is protected from abuse on the on the inside of the wing. The enclosed over-the-shoulder OPV string allow for easy buoyancy control without trapping the line. 
  • The high wear areas at the top of the wing and back plate are protected with SuperFabric
  • Adjustable lower tank-attachment points on the back plate
  • Adjustable crotch strap
  • Adjustable tank-mount bungies
  • Multiple mounting holes and 1” D-rings for Argon bottles, light canisters, spools and reels
  • Bottom mounted corrugated hose with inflator attaches easily to chest strap or shoulder strap
  • H-style harness with adjustable chest strap.
  • Complete with 4 adjustable D-rings on the adjustable shoulder straps and two D-rings on the waist strap configurable to the diver’s needs.

It is not CE certified and CE testing is planned in the future.

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