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S560 Regulator (2nd stage)

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The Scubapro S560 Second Stage Regulator is a lightweight, techno-polymer barrel second stage with a rugged, precision molded carbon fiber and techno-polymer case. The S560 is air balanced with diver adjustable inhalation effort and Venturi Initiated Vacuum Assist (VIVA). The S560 has a diver adjustable inhalation control that enables personal adjustment of breathing effort. The S560's diver adjustable (VIVA) dive/pre-dive control switch and extra high flow exhaust valve account for easy inhalation & exhalation at any depth or breathing rate. The regulator comes equipped with a 3/8" threaded super-flow hose with strong and durable Kevlar lining and a super comfort high-flow (HF) mouthpiece for smooth air delivery. The regulator weighs 172 g without the hose.