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Legend LX Regulator Anniversary Special

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70 years of existence are held! For this great event, the Legend LX Supreme box has been completely redesigned, thus acquiring the appearance of a gift box with the colors of the company and an interior of high design. We wanted to enjoy including a quiz game with many surprises.

The Legend LX Supreme is the version for diving in cold waters of the Legend.

First stage:

  • Auto Closure Device (ACD) - An automatic closing system controller. As it is disconnected from the tank valve, the first stage is protected the environment.
    • It is better protection against water entry and pollution. It is an element of security because a water inlet, can interfere with the proper operation of the regulator and its accessories.
    • The ACD does not reduce respiratory qualities, it is more ... preserves and is a sign of increased security.
  • New House of Common rail injection. Whatever the output being used, the air travels the same distance and improves breathing comfort.
  • 2 high pressure and medium pressure 4 outputs, perfectly symmetrical positioned allow an ideal orientation of the hoses. Allow the use of high pressure transmitters for dive computers.
  • Equipped with a drywell which increases resistance to frost and keeps the internal components clean and dry.
  • New DIN bracket and wheel. The ergonomic design allows easy disassembly even with wet hands.

Second stage:

  • Master Breathing System (MBS) - New ergonomic fit adjustment, can adjust one full turn injection and optimize the opening effort.
  • New side to improve the stability of the regulator during a rapid descent in the blue or upstream openings.
  • Mustache new evacuation of the bubbles, which improves effort.

The second stage Twilight Legend LX Supreme is used with the same first stage the Legend LX. And it is equipped with:

  • Specifically adjusted to pass the stringent European standard for cold water diving.
  • A mouthpiece lip that protects lips from the cold.
  • An integrated heat exchanger.