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Halcyon EOS Mini Dive Torch

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The Halcyon EOS™ Mini represents a new generation of lighting, blending the performance and convenience of Halcyon Exploration lighting with the size and portability of recreational, hand-held lights. Recreational and technical divers alike will be impressed by the intense output of this convenient, easily adjustable light with hands-free operation. The EOS™ Mini provides an amazing amount of light in a small, stylish package. It boasts 2.5 hours of full-power burn time and 6 hours on low power.

Top Features

  • Nearly indestructible LED module in Delrin® housing with small form factor.
  • Amazing intensity is 30% brighter than conventional EOS primary
  • Easily stored in a pocket or on a Halcyon harness
  • Ideal for travel due to light weight and long burn time
  • Foldable handle protects LED and lens while in transport