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XR Line SPG 52 15cm Miflex

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High accuracy and reliability with the Instrument SPG52! Available for reading either bar or psi, it can be used with both air and pure oxygen.




SPG with graduation range 0-360 bar, 0-5000 psi

Single reading

Tempered glass

Luminescent “glow in the dark” screen

56cm rubber hose or 15 cm milflex carbon/titanium black hose

Air or 100% Oxy (oxy clean)

Certified according to EN 250

Designed for technical divers and top quality regs

Double chrome, mirror-plated case treatment: assures the best look and maximum protection against corrosion

Brass housing with tempered glass for extreme durability + chance to use with no cover protection due to double welding

Copper beryllium bourdon tube mechanism that never goes out of calibration even with hard knocks

Greatest degree of accuracy and reliability

Preferred for its simplicity by many technical divers who follow DIR training philosophy

Offered in a total of 6 options to fit all technical requirements