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Plastic Buckle For Tank Band

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Purchase this Land & Sea Cylinder/Tank Bank Plastic Cam Buckle as a replacement, or for your spares kit. Durable plastic tank cam buckle with a wire cam for extra strength.

You're just setting up your equipment for the first dive of your vacation on Somewhere Island, and as you cam your back pack buckle in place your tank cam buckle breaks! The worst thing that can happen on a tropical vacation has just happened. No BCD. Don't leave on a vacation without a spare Cylinder/Tank Band Cam Buckle. Why ruin a great holiday because of a few dollars. Always pack some a spare.


  • Quick and easy to install on any BCD Tank Band or Harness Cam Band
  • Accommodates 50 mm (2") wide webbing bands
  • Heavy duty plastic and metal cam
  • Great Save-A-Dive Kit Item