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Cape Horn Drysuit

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Heavy-Duty Trilaminate Drysuit Designed for the Toughest Diving Tasks

For 2018, SCUBAPRO is taking the cold-water diving market by storm with a new line of trilaminate drysuits, designed to cover the thermal protection needs of divers across a wide spectrum of diving skills, styles and interests. Foremost in this new line of fabric drysuits is the Cape Horn Dry.


When it comes to fabrics, there’s nothing stronger than Cordura. It’s no surprise, then, that SCUBAPRO’s new premium-plus fabric drysuit – the Cape Horn Dry – includes a 100% Cordura exterior layer as part of its trilaminate design. Targeted to the tech diving community and all professional divers, the Cape Horn Dry accompanies its durable fabric blend with a stitch, glue, heat taped once and a second fabric taping, a convenient Si-Tech ring wrist seal system, quality Si-Tech valves and a pair of attached semi-rigid dive boots. Tech divers and professional divers tend toward self-sufficiency, so the front diagonal zipper is ideal for selfdonning and self-zipping. Designed to take anything a tech diver can throw at it, the Cape Horn Dry will keep you warm, dry and protected for years of active diving. 


• Cordura/butyl/nylon trilaminate design offers unbeatable durability.

• Seams are stitched, glued, heated taped and covered by a second fabric taping for maximum reliability.

• Front diagonal BDM metal dry zipper keeps makes self-donning easy.

• Si-Tech ring seal system for wrists allows for the quick replacement of damaged latest seals (a silicone seal system is optional).

• Warm neck collar keeps heat in and helps protect the latex neck seal.

• Quality Si-Tech valves ensure efficient and trouble-free airflow control.

• Attached semi-rigid dive boots improve comfort and provide better efficiency on fins. They include Velcro straps to improve fit while preventing air from traveling to feet. Boots also include fin strap retainers.

• Two large cargo pockets are equipped with D-rings, bungee, high-security over-flaps and Velcro closures.

• A hook is provided on the right-thigh utility pocket for attaching a hood.

• I-Safe straps on both arms offer a secure mounting spot for wrist instruments.

• Blue suspenders are easy to find inside the drysuit when putting it on. They also enhance fit and provide convenient lower suit support between dives.

• Hood features an air vent system, smooth-skin collar, Diamond Span interior and a hook for securing to the cargo pocket.

• Includes an anatomically shaped hood, carry bag, low pressure hose, repair kit and owner’s manual.