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Profile 2.5mm Shorty

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Designed and cut for increased comfort, the Profile line suits can be paired in multiple combinations to fit all divers and water environments. Elegantly cut and styled, built in durable and fast drying  nylon-2-sided neoprene overall, Profile suits provide maximum comfort at all levels.

2.5 mm durable and fast drying N2S neoprene. N2S, nylon-2-sided neoprene, is nylon laminated on both sides of the neoprene foam, the classic material to build all-rounders, rental and tropical water wetsuits.

Back zipper for great ergonomic look and fit.

Flat-seam construction for comfortable and non-chafing wear.  Flat seam construction provides a stitching pattern that is the most comfortable against your skin yet still strong and flexible on warm water suits.

Extremely comfortable raw cut collar neck line for unprecedented comfort compared to traditional tight & pulling roll seam collars.

Men's and women's dedicated sizes and colours.