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Climasphere Undersuit

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So warm and comfy, it's like wearing your favourite pair of pajamas into the water.

The undersuit of choice for drysuit diving, CLIMASPHERE thermal wear keeps you warm with a low profile two-piece insulation system. Breathable and windproof, CLIMASPHERE is made of soft four-way stretch fleece material.

You can wear one or both pieces under your drysuit at depth for total comfort and warmth, and on deck between dives as cozy casual wear.

CLIMASPHERE undersuits come with neoprene wrist and ankle cuffs with thumb loops and stirrups to both enhance warmth and prevent rideup when climbing into your drysuit.

Technical Information

Two-piece design enables you to mix and match to achieve the ideal thermal combination.

Soft four-way stretch fleece material is comfortable and offers unrestricted range of motion.

Neoprene wrist and ankle cuffs with thumb loops and stirrups make components easier to don and more comfortable to wear under a drysuit.

Material is lightweight and compact for easy storage and transport.