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Ankle Weights Pair 300gr

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The premium quality Cressi Ankle Weights come as a pair of 300 gram weights. By fastening them around their ankles they allow the serious spear fisherman or freediver to compensate for the buoyancy of their legs in the water when fishing at low depths and shallow water. Adding weights to your ankles allows for optimal weight distribution, during your dive.

Depending on your body structure, or the weather conditions, you might find it difficult to lay flat and find yourself in the uncomfortable position to arch your back, in order to compensate for the greater buoyancy in the lower body and prevent your feet and legs from rising.

This problem might become more evident when fishing in cold shallow water, when thicker wetsuits are necessary, which are even more buoyant and the shallow depth is not enough to compress the neoprene material, thus making the lower body rise to the surface easier.

The Cressi Ankle Weights are not very bulky. They provide a comfortable fit and do not flop around. For spearfishers and freedivers needing to overcome a buoyancy issue, these lower leg weights are the answer.

Each weight is 300 grams and can easily be ditched simply by pulling on the velcro strap. The weights are held tight to the leg by the velcro straps.

The Cressi Ankle Weights are made of high density neoprene to add more strength and avoid more buoyancy. They adjust to your ankle size and fasten using a high quality velcro.

Cressi Ankle Weight Features

  • Pair of Cressi Ankle Weights
  • For Freedivers and Spear Fishermen
  • Made of High Density Neoprene
  • Small Diamond Cover
  • High Quality Adjustable Velcro Closure
  • High Resistance to Friction
  • Weight: 300 g for each Ankle