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Apollo Snapcatch Bag

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The Ocean Design SnapCatch Catch Bag features super heavy duty, marine grade construction and a secure opening! It has been designed for divers who are lovers of those critters out there that taste so good.


Dive catch bag for the serious diver


They won't get way from this one. The unique heavy, strengthened 5 mm rubber flap one-way entry will ensure that once your catch of scallops, abalone, crays, crabs or fish is in the bag it stays in the bag. The special opening means there's no chance for crays already in the bag to escape when you jam the next one in.


Quality YKK zip on the side allows easy access to the bag contents after the dive.


Ocean Design Snap-Catch Catch Bag Features

Bag body features rugged mesh construction

Secure and strengthened 5mm rubber flap one-way entry lid to secure your catch in the bag.


Large side release YKK zip for quick and easy opening and release of your catch.


Marine grade, heavy duty construction.


Built tough for Australian conditions.


Approximate dimensions of bag: 450 mm x 650 mm.


The Ocean Design SnapCatch Catch Bag is an improved version of the Pozi Catch Bag, very popular with divers in South and Western Australia.