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Backmount cargo pocket pouch

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Backmount Cargo Pocket


A versatile cargo pocket / pouch that is large enough to hold a spare mask, SMB, or a collection of accessories. Perfect for technical divers and everyone else who prefers a harness, backplate and wing BC and wants a pocket!

The heavy duty zipper extends across the top half of the pouch making access into the bottom of the pocket very easy. Inside there is also a small ring to secure items inside as well as a couple of narrow webbing loops. 

On the front of the pouch is a velcro pocket (under the XDeep logo) which will fit small items such as a small spool or other small accessory.  A heavy duty D ring is also available on the front of the pouch.

The cargo pouch threads onto any 50mm (2 inch) webbing, to be positioned vertically on horizontal webbing (e.g. the waist band).  Brackets on the back of the pocket also allow it to be attached on the outside of an XDEEP dumpable weight pocket.


  • approx. 20cm (H) x 14cm (W) x 10cm (D) (flexible, easily holds a typical mask)
  • heavy duty YKK zipper
  • made from tough Cordura, with drain holes.