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CL2300X canister light

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ANO CL2300X Canister Dive Light comes with a few improvements on switch, LEDs, canister mountings and overall weight. The switch system was added the lock mechanism by turning the knob of switch 90 degrees and unlock by turning it back. All LEDs are upgraded to Cree XML U3, power saving and brighter. ANO provides 2 cap options for you to choose when you buy a canister light from us, either straight or sidemount cap for canister as you wish; all “X” version can mount 2 light heads with 1 canister now and also, the canister cap is designed with an extra switch to cut off the power of canister completely when you need to put it into your luggage for travel, much more safer; you can contact us for more details or follow up us on Facebook for the upgration. ANO removed the metal loop for belt, but changed to the Nylon belt for wider opening to suit most of your requirements. The overall weight is 285g less on canister side.