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Crabs and Crustaceans

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Crabs are one of those common critters we often encounter at the beach or local jetty. Most people don t pay any attention to them, especially as they are quick to scuttle away and hide if you get too close. But did you know that the world s largest crab has legs that are wider than a car and that the smallest crab is no bigger than a pea?


Crabs are just one member of a fascinating bunch of creatures called the crustaceans. These incredible animals come in an amazing variety of shapes and sizes, and live in the oceans, rivers, lakes and even on land.Designed for the young reader, Crabs and Crustaceans will entertain and delight as readers discover what crustaceans are, how they live, how they grow, how they breathe, what they eat and what feeds on them.


Filled with spectacular pictures, interesting facts and figures, delve deep into the fascinating world of crabs and crustaceans.