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Saetta Pneumatic Gun W/Reducer

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The Cressi Saetta Pneumatic Speargun with Power Reducer is the ultimate in pneumatic spearfishing. An upgraded model of the world-renowned Cressi SL series, the Saetta offers unmatched power, comfort and accuracy. A few design tweaks have been able to maximize shot power with high precision and speed. Among the upgrades of the extremely reliably SL series is a new muzzle with incorporated holes to aid in water drainage and a new, soft, angled white handle that also aids in locating the gun on the seafloor. Additionally, the incorporated power reducer will dampen shot power in up-close situations and when rocks or coral are near. This saves you time and effort from reeling and dislodging shafts from rocks. 


The Saetta still boasts some of the same successful features of it s predecessors. For one, an anatomical high grip butt that enables the gun to be held in line with the arm. A strong line hook situated on the bottom of the grip butt for shaft loading. Also, a safety catch that frees the line; releasing the device when the trigger is pulled, and lastly, an 8mm (0.31") threaded stainless steel tempered shaft. The shaft threads are 7mm and will fit the following Cressi spear tips: 3 Prong Spear Head (see SKU: CSB3P), Mini Spear Head (see SKU: CSBMSH), Mach Spear Head (see SKU: CSBSHM) and any other 7mm threaded spear tips. 


The Saetta spear guns model come in four lengths: Saetta 55 which is 21.5 "(55 cm) in length, Saetta 70 which is 27.5" (70 cm) in length, Saetta 88 which is 34.6" (88 cm) in length and the Saetta 110 measuring 43.3" (110 cm) in length. The guns have a 13 mm (0.5") internal barrel. The legendary Cressi handle provides an angle between the barrels and handle and determines the winning ergonomics of Cressi pneumatic spear guns. The Cressi Saetta is the new standard in pneumatic spear guns. Upgrade your hunt with the new Cressi Saetta Pneumatic Speargun. Spear gun comes with a gun pump, shaft loader and owner's manual.