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Cyl Boot 140mm (5 & 7lt)

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Faber Cylinder Boot to fit round bottomed Faber tanks of 5.0 litre or 7.0 litre Faber Cylinders with a diameter of 140 mm (5.5 inch).

To protect the bottom of your cylinder, and to limit roll — put on a tank boot.

All Scuba cylinders need a tank boot to protect the lower surface from damage. Faber steel cylinders need a tank boot even more with their round bottom design. The boot allows the tank to stand up straight on a stable flat surface making mounting of buoyancy compensators, harness systems and regulators easier.

These self-draining flexible PVC boots are easy to assemble to the tank and provide a streamline profile for tank racks or double cylinder set-ups.

140 mmm Diameter Boot for Faber Steel Tanks Features

  • 140 mm (5.5 inch) Diameter to suit Faber Steel 5.0L and 7.0L Cylinders
  • All Scuba Cylinders Need Tank Boot
  • Protect the Cylinders Lower Surface from Damage
  • Steel Cylinders Round Bottom: Allows Tank to Stand-Up
  • Easy Mounting of Dive Rig
  • Specially Made for Faber Steel Cylinders
  • Self-Draining Design
  • Construction: Flexible PVC
  • Streamline Profile for Tank Racks or Double Cylinder Set-Ups