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Decant Whip 1m inc Gauge

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The decanting whip is perfect for transferring gas from cylinder to cylinder, eg when filling a suit inflation bottle from a larger air bank or decompression cylinder. The  whip from is available with either a 1m or 2m hose to suit the desired application. It is also fitted with 300bar DIN handwheels on each end and a combined valve and 400bar pressure gauge.

Decant Whip features:

  • 1m or 2m hose length
  • 300bar hand wheels
  • 400bar pressure gauge
  • Valve

Decanting whips are useful for many divers as it allows quick and easy transfer of gas between cylinders in the field. Typically a decanting whip is used to fill a suit inflation cylinder from a twinset that is filled with air or nitrox - not trimix, or a large stage cylinder filled with a weak decompression gas or nitrox. Usefully this decanting whip is complete with a guage so the end pressure of the target cylinder is known.