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DIN - Yoke Converter

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This DIN to Yoke adapter fits to either a DIN regulator, to allow you to use a 'K-valve' scuba tank, or to a DIN compressor fill whip, to allow you to fill scuba tanks with a 'K-valve' intended for use with yoke regulators. 

If you travel with DIN regulators it's always handy to carry adapters just in case you can only hire cylinders with yoke fittings.

Also handy for adapting pressure checkers and fill whips with DIN fittings.  No tools needed, just screw by hand directly onto the DIN filling adapter for use with a yoke fitting on your tank.

Materials:  Brass with chrome plate coating, marine grade.

Easy turn knob for easy securring to the tank valve.

Rated to 232 BAR (3,500 PSI)

Weight: 350gm