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Carbon Adventurer PLUS System

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30- or 40-lb (9- 14- or 18-kg) lift capacity

Inflator and 22" (56cm) LP hose

Backplate: Carbon fiber PLUS or Blue Plus

ACB10 integrated weight pockets

Quick-adjust crotch strap

Single-tank adapter built in

Deluxe harness pads: shoulder

Cinch built in

Single tank adapter straps

Halcyon storage pak


The new Halcyon Adventurer Plus  wing system is a light-weight single tank BC based around the Traveler Pro version of the popular Eclipse wing and a special design carbon fiber backplate which does not require a separate single tank adapter.

 Both the carbon fiber backplate and wing have webbing slots, allowing the direct use of supplied cambands (with Octogrips) around a cylinder. The backplate itself is shaped to fit snugly against a cylinder eliminating the need for a separate adapter. The specially designed waist level webbing slots allow easy adjustment of the harness length/size while on or off the diver, letting the webbing "roll" through to desired tightness, similar to the functionality of the previous Cinch system. This design reduces overall weight of the system and makes it travel friendly.  

The whole system includes Halcyon's Traveler Pro wing, the special design CF backplate complete with standard single loop harness and all stainless wear, an MC Storage Pack for backplate and an intergrated two-pocket weight system. Weight: 3.5Kg without ACB pockets. 4Kg with ACB (with SS hardware).