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Zero Gravity Sidemount BC

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Halcyon ZERO GRAVITY Sidemount System

The new Halcyon Zero Gravity Sidemount BCD is finally here with the most innovative design yet

The Zero Gravity features a fully adjustable harness, fixed D-Rings, an optional weight pouch that will hold up to 15 pounds, and an optional inflator placement on the right or left side.

The shape of the Zero Gravity wing is similar to an Explorer wing or Classic wing in that it doesn’t offer bottom buoyancy, but we took it one step further and removed the top aircell as well, which keeps the buoyancy right along the divers torso inline with their tanks.  This negates the use of trim weights and gives divers fantastic comfort, stability and will help decrease drag or possibility of snagging the aircell on rocks or wreckage which is a common design flaw with several other brands in the sidemount arena.

Designed for open water use with wet suit and Aluminum 80’s the unit has also been used in conjunction with Dry suits and steel cylinders for cave exploration.

The adjustable bungee system makes it easy to use with different regulator configurations or whether the regulator is pointed up or down.

Waist strap d-rings on right and left hip allow for al80’s to be clipped forward as they become buoyant.

ZeroGravity System features:

  • Unique u-shaped bladder provides a free and clean back that reduces your profile and drag
  • Cinch adjustable harness
  • 3 optional positions for the “door handle” placement
  • Optional 15lbs Weight Pouches