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Leonardo Wrist Straps

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You have a Cressi Leonardo Dive Computer and either want to have a spare wrist strap in your save-a-dive kit or are vacationing and want to bring your personnel dive computer without the regulator and console, which ever your needs this strap can meet them. Maybe you want your wrist computer to match your other dive gear, got you covered there too. The wrist strap is available in multiple colors. Wrist strap is made from durable rubber with a corrosion resistant metal buckle. The Cressi Leonardo Wrist Strap is easy to install on your computer. Fits Cressi Leonardo Dive Computer (see SKU's: CSBLW, PCKDCSBLW, CSBLC, CSBLC3M, CSBLCM, CSBLC3). Note: For conversion of Console computers strap requires Cressi Leonardo/Giotto Screw with Nut for Strap Replacement (see SKU: CSBLSWN).

CRESSI Leonardo Wrist Strap Features

Cressi Leonardo Wrist Strap

Spare Wrist Strap for CRESSI Leonardo Dive Computer


Cressi Leonardo Dive Computer 

Great Spare in Save-a-Dive Kit

Multiple-Color Options to Match Gear

Coverts Console Computer to Wrist Mount

Easy to Install

Durable Rubber with Corrosion Resistant Metal Buckle


Conversion of Console Computers; 

Requires Cressi Leonardo/Giotto Screw w/Nut for Strap Replacement (see SKU: CSBLSWN)