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Ladies First Flex360 Undersuit

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Dual comfort from SANTI – perfect combination of warmth and flexibility in innovative new Santi undersuit dedicated for cold water conditions. The perfect combination of innovative insulation fabrics and unique design, accompanied by PrimaLoft® highest-performing insulation.


Those looking for the pinnacle of comfort and performance or those spending time in the worst cold and wet weather or environment conditions will find full protection in PrimaLoft® Gold Insulation used as a component for Flex 360 undersuit.


PrimaLoft® Gold Insulation is the highest performing synthetic insulation available – maintaining 98% of warmth even when is wet. The ultimate in warmth-to-weight available in a synthetic is coupled with incredible packability and softness that mimics goose down.


With famed PrimaLoft® water-repellency and an easy care package provides perfect wet-weather protection. It is currently flagship synthetic product for those who expect the best solutions.


Together with our suppliers Santi has developed a superior solution by research and development to double the fabric from 180 g/m² up to 360 g/m² with retaining its stretch and flexibility, which are key factors for comfort in diving. Our Flex360 Insulation fabric consists of three layers, breathable insulation fibers and polyester soft coating from the top, that is also wind-resistant.


Another materials used in this undersuit are PrimaLoft® Gold Insulation, Embossed Polar fleece (Double pique, 300g/m2, lamination) and 3D mesh spacer pads in the chest area.


General features:

  • great, soft feeling next to the skin,
  • lightweight and durable,
  • innovative, modern design,