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LED Strobe

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  • Safety strobe with exposed contacts flashes green when submerged
  • High impact plastic casing glows in the dark
  • Holder with swiveling, ratcheted clip and 12 inch Velcro strap included
  • Includes integrated tension clip and multiple holes for attachment
  • Depth rated to 180 feet, non-replaceable battery life rated at 500 hours

The Trident Water Activated Safety Strobe With Velcro Strap & Holder is an inexpensive, yet feature-packed piece of dive safety equipment that can save lives in low visibility, or even silt out conditions.


There’s no switch to operate; thanks to this strobe’s exposed, recessed contact points the light starts flashing automatically as soon as the contacts are submerged. This is a particularly important feature for times when the diver has become disoriented, fatigued or unconscious.


The included swiveling, ratcheted clip with Velcro strap make the strobe easy to place anywhere on your kit, or loop onto your wrist, before hitting the water. Tension clip at one end allows for slipping onto the edge of a BCD pocket or belt. Holes at either end and drilled channel along one side allow for stringing the strobe onto your own cord.


High impact, glow in the dark casing for increased visibility.

Rated to a depth of 180 feet, non-replaceable battery life rated at 500 hours.