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Mens RashGuards Whaleshark

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A tight fitting, high turtle neck, long sleeved rashguard that is guaranteed to allow you easy entry and exit into your wetsuit whether the wetsuit is wet or dry, no matter how heavy the suit.  The constructed sleeves with the dedicated thumb hole will hold the garment in place as you slip in to even your 6 or 7 mil suit. The high turtle neck will keep you from getting chaffed at the neck line, and keep the sun off it. The garment has 60+UPF sun protection, and it will also keep the critters off your skin when in the water without a wetsuit. You'll never have to worry about sun over exposure on the deck of the diveboat or fishing vessel.  In warm water climates and conditions the Men's DiveSkin RashGuards are ideal to wear by themselves with just the a pair of boardshorts. Look better than you ever have on your next dive adventure.   Great for surfers as well!!