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Mini 52mm SPG with Boot & Hose

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This SPG Combo inclues a 400 bar SPGHP hose and protective cover.   The SPG without the boot is 52mm.

 The SPG itself  has a strong compact design featuring a tempered glass face and a chrome-plated brass housing.   This is further protected by the durable black plastic cover.

The SPG dial is scaled to 400 bar, in 10 bar graduations, with 50 bar being clearly marked with red lines for easy reading. The gauge has an accuracy of +/- 1.5 %, and the white face is also luminescent.

Comes with high pressure (HP) hose reinforced with kevlar - hose length : 75 cm

Manufactured for Scubatech by Thermo Industries, Italy.  The SPG meets the certification requirements of EN250.