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Hand Spear Fiberglass 2m (2pc)

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If you are a keen spear fisherman that loves catching fish with a high quality hand spear, look no further than the Mirage Hand Spear – 2pc Fibreglass. This spear is practical, compact, and a perfect accompaniment for your next fishing endeavour. The spear features fibreglass design, making it extremely durable and long lasting, enhanced by the heavy duty sling attachment. The fibreglass is also extremely aerodynamic, improving your speed. The 2-piece design makes for great portability, and can be easily stored away when not in use, so it doesn’t take up too much room in your bag or out on the boat. At 2m long, the spear will give you great range down in the water and ensure great results. Be ready for any situation out in the water, and have the full range of items to ensure the best catch. The team at Mirage can provide you with everything you need for your next fishing trip, with fantastic products such as this Mirage Hand Spear 2pc Fibreglass.

  • Fibreglass finish for greater speed
  • 2 piece design for portability
  • 2m length with heavy duty sling