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i450T Dive Computer

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The i450T is a features powerhouse that suits a world of diverse diving adventures. Intuitive and sporty, it’s the perfect wrist computer to take you to new places.


Designed for the active diver and the travel diver, the i450T has flexibility and intuition packed into an attractive design. Its features were crafted to be intuitive and easily navigated for an optimal dive experience. The optional hoseless gas integration de-clutters your dive for a more streamlined feel. Even small but thoughtful details were considered-- once you pair your transmitter, you’ll never need to pair it again. For all its meaningful engineering, the i450T hasn’t forgotten aesthetics-- its sporty eye-catching design is easy to wear through life’s everyday adventures.


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Hoseless gas integration. Our patented Gas Time Remaining Algorithm provides calculations in real time, allowing accurate gas management


Once you pair your transmitter to your computer– it’s paired for life


Compatible with 3 different transmitters and gas mixes on a single dive


Intuitive design and menu navigation.


Large font size makes it easy to read


4 operating modes: Air, Nitrox, Gauge, and Free Dive modes, so it’s up for any adventure


Audible alarms and additional high-visibility LED warning light for additional safety


Digital compass. Features a North reference, return bearing lock, and declination adjustment


Free Dive mode. Manage your free diving with depth, bottom and surface times, dedicated free dive memory and more


Other Main Features


Multiple gas capability manages up to 3 Nitrox mixes (with 3 transmitters), each with individual PO2 set points


Automatic altitude adjustment ensures an accurate profile


Advanced watch functions including alternate time zone, stopwatch, lap timer, daily alarm, and countdown timer


Durable PVD (Physical Vapor Deposition) finish is extremely durable and resistant to wear (Black/Gray version)


Pre-Dive planning feature allows a preview of planned dives to confirm no-decompression limits


Automatic Safety Stop Countdown displayed in minutes and seconds for clarity


User changeable battery, with a data retention feature that maintains settings and calculations between battery changes


User-updatable software gives access to the latest features and upgrades


Backlighting for easy reading in low light

Salt or fresh water dive selection



Optional deep stop with countdown timer


Simple to use with DiverLog software on the Mac or PC platforms, which allows control of all your dive computer settings, view Log and Profile data, add location, notes and other details, as well as store and share photos & videos. DiverLog must be purchased separately at www.ediverlog.com




Transmitter up to 40% or 100%

Colors options: Black/Blue, White and Black/Gray

Included in the Box

Digital instruction manual

Paper Safety Reference

DiverLog brochure

Quick Reference card

Lens Protector

Download Cable