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Ocean Hunter Chameleon Extreme 3mm

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The Ocean Hunter Chameleon Extreme 2 piece wetsuit is the ideal spearfishing wetsuit.

The Ocean Hunter Extreme 3mm wetsuit has glued and blind stitching for added warmth, as well as full-length long johns making this suit different to the Chameleon Extreme 2mm version. A fantastic suit and very affordable, making it perfect for the diver just starting out or anyone looking at saving a few dollars but still needing a durable warm suit. The full-length long johns and the fact it’s made from 3mm neoprene and has glued blind stitch seams will make this suit far warmer than the 2mm Chameleon Extreme version wetsuit. This suit is designed for cooler waters or anyone that feels the cold more than the average diver. Some divers like two piece suits such as this so they can wear the full suit when the water is cool and when it gets to warm they wear the jacket with lycra pants so they do not get too hot. This allows you to mix and match to suit the water temperature.

Designing and making suits with Anatomical 3D panels helps provide you with a more comfortable and natural feeling suit that shapes the panels around the body’s curves. Remember when you put on a wetsuit it is meant to be a snug fit as this is critical to its performance. They are not meant to be loose and have excess bagging of wetsuit around the body. If they are loose they will allow water in that will lower your temperature and defeat the purpose of wearing a wetsuit.

Many divers have found that rather than wearing all black gear, it is better to break your overall silhouette shape down with wearing mixed camo designed gear. This makes you look less threatening to fish and allows you to approach closer to the fish to help you secure a good holding shot with your speargun.

  • Incredibly tough and durable, suits designed to take the abuse of an active spearo
  • Ocean Hunter’s custom Dual Camouflage design especially for Aussie waters
  • Glued and blind stitching long johns for added warmth
  • New tough-as-nails hexagonal OH loading pad
  • Inner & outer material is Standard Flex Nylon
  • High wear Supratex knee and elbow pads
  • Anatomical 3D panel design and cut
  • Made from 3mm thick neoprene
  • Beaver tail jacket
  • Built on hood