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Pegasus Thruster Pro Scooter Package

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The Perth Scuba crew recently tested the exciting new hands-free, tank mounted scooters from Pegasus Thruster with great results. Unlike the many scooter options on the market, our Pegasus Thruster Pro Package is airline friendly and travels complete in a Pelican case at a featherweight under 19 kilograms. It's minimal 5.9kg air weight (-2 underwater) is hardly noticeable when attached to your tank for both beach and boat diving, but it delivers the speed and burntime of most technical scooters on the market. 

It includes the Pro version of the Pegasus Thruster, two battery packs, smart charger, and custom Pelican travel case. Our test divers agreed this package is the ultimate balance between performance and cost. 

Air travel friendly

With a dry weight of 6 kg and negative 2 kg in water, this unit has the highest thrust to weight ratio in its class. A complete package with Thruster, two batteries, charger, packed in a Pelican case has airline check-on weight of just 18.5 kg.  

Don't let it's small size fool you

The Thruster can achieve speeds up to 52 metres per minute, a run time of 45 minutes in continuous use, and will easily last for a 70 minute photo dive with typical intermittent use. 

Magnetically actuated hand switch

The magnetically actuated switch is easily gripped with a camera housing handle and allows smooth actuation while shooting a video or photo camera. 


Great for hands free photo and video, the Pegasus Thruster's tank-mounted design is out of your way, allowing you to keep your hands on your camera controls. 

Easy body position steering

Steering the Pegasus Thruster is surprisingly natural. You basically point your head and shoulders in the direction you want to go. Your dives fins will also naturally act as rudders. 

Room for two

With Pegasus Thruster's patented design divers are able to attach two thrusters at once giving them supreme speed underwater. If you're planning to mount two Thrusters at once, we will special order the second Thruster with a counter-rotating prop for ideal balance. 

Anodized aluminium construction

The Thruster motor and battery are constricted of tough anodized aluminum. The propeller and shroud are made of high impact resistant plastic to prevent wear and tear on the unit. 

O-ring free - underwater changeable batteries

Practically the entire Pegasus Thruster can be safely dismantled underwater. Thereby allowing you to change your battery during your dive with it's unique underwater pluggable (o-ring free) battery connectors. The only o-ring you'll need to maintain is the battery charging plug, thus with a few charged batteries, you can swap batteries easily on multi-tank dives with minimal hassle. 

Technical Specifications

  • Length: 23 inches (58.42 cm)
  • Height: 10.5 inches (26.67 cm)
  • Width: 8.5 inches (21.59 cm)
  • Weight: 13 pounds (5.5 Kg)
  • Buoyancy: -5.1 pounds (-2.31 Kg)
  • Depth Rating: 325 ft.

Battery and Power

  • Underwater changeable 12 Volt Ni-MH Battery
  • Up to 45 minutes of continuous run time
  • In typical intermittent use, battery lasts for a 60+ minute dive
  • Charging via 120/220v Smart Charger
  • 2.5 hours recharge time if battery is fully depleted
  • Battery must be charged monthly for long life
  • Meets current DOT Air Carrier Regulations 49 CFR Subchapters 171-175

Speed and Thrust

  • Speed: 52m per minute 
  • Thrust: 15.86 Kg 


  • Low voltage disconnect
  • Automatic clutch release


  • Underwater wet plug connectors

Manufacturer Warranty 

  • 1 year



  • Surface powered umbilical and bracket
  • Dual tank mount
  • Freediving back mount 
  • Mini camera mounted switch

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