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Saltex SX50 Salt Removal & Flush 1L

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"Salt-Off" Salt Removal Fluid

You would think that you could just hose off salt-water encrustation but it does not work that way. 

RTM is proud to announce the distribution of an Australian made product which is attracting international recognition in this little-understood area. The system consists of two basic products: SX-50 corrosion removal rinse and B-50 corrosion removal and cleaning product.


This product is used to lift salt - including embedded salt in hard to-get places in order to remove any possibility of corrosion. It is ideal on Jet Skis, scuba gear, outboard motor cooling systems, boats, boat trailers, fishing tackle (especially reels) etc. One litre of concentrate makes 35 litres of full-strength solution (It can be used 17 to 1 to soak fishing reels, etc for extra active de-salting for badly embedded salt deposits).

Available in 2 sizes

1 Litre MGA440

4 Litres MGA442