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R1 PRO O2 Regulator

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The R1 PRO O2 Regulator has a simple and reliable first stage piston regulator and downstream demand valve second stage regulator.

The R1 PRO O2 first stage regulator is a reliable piston construction meeting the demands of CE EN250:2000 for cold water regulators. The regulator has 4 x LP ports and 1 x HP port and is made from marine bronze with smooth chrome finish.

The R1 PRO second stage regulator is a simple and reliable demand valve regulator and surprisingly light weight.

The R1 PRO is robust, economical, and ready for use with deco gases having a high concentration of O2 (up to 100%). The regulators are colour-coded green to indicate a high concentration of O2. The R1 PRO O2 Regulator set includes:

  • R1 PRO first stage, O2 ready with green DIN wheel
  • R1 PRO second, O2 ready with green purge cover
  • 100cm braided hose, green