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R5 TEC Regulator

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The R5 TEC Regulator Set from Tecline (by Scubatech) offers excellent levels of performance and quality at an affordable price. 

The R5 TEC first stage regulator is a high quality product made from maritime brass with a classy-looking black finish. Each regulator has:

  • a 300 bar DIN fitting
  • 4 LP ports
  • 2 HP ports
  • Proflex hose black ~ 70cm

R5 TEC first stages have 2 LP ports and 1 HP port positioned on each of two opposing sides. This versatile configuration allows hoses to be routed down each side of the wing when diving with twin sets, or crossed over if required.  It features a balanced diaphragm with a ‘dry chamber’ to prevent freezing in extreme cold conditions.  Having the protection of the cold kit environmental seal is also preferable for diving in heavily silted water.

The R5 TEC second stage regulator is a pneumatically balanced downstream regulator with both Venturi and breathing resistance adjustments.  A heat exchanger allows operation in cold water by dramatically reducing the risk of icing.  The R5 TEC second stage has a low breathing resistance, in the range of 0.983 - 1.004 J/L (see tips), which reduces breathing effort and helps to minimise air consumption - this level of performance is just one of the benefits that you get from a world-class regulator.

Tecline R5 TEC regulators are CE certified and tested to the requirements of EN:250.  Not only are they laboratory tested, they also undergo extensive trials in punishing environmental conditions from icy Polish lakes and caves to tropical waters (ok, the last location is not quite so punishing!).  After assembly and tuning, all regulators are tested by two independent technicians, to ensure that they meet Tecline's exacting standards for performance and quality.