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Brass Snap Hook w/Webbing Loop

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The Brass Swivel Snap Hook is combined with a nylon webbing loop. 

We always need to attach more stuff to our equipment to free up our hands when we need them. Lanyards for lights, cameras, gauges, game bags, slates, or maybe even a fish stringer when spear fishing you name it a diver wants to secure it to their BCD or Weight Belt. Having a few spare clips in your gear bag is a must for the serious diver. This need is fulfilled by the use of clips and webbing. 

Made from Brass and Nylon Webbing, it can be clipped to a "D-Ring" on your BCD, or Looped through Webbing on your BCD or Weight Belt. Brass Gate Snap with 360° Swivel has a Spring Loaded Gate Opening for Positive Retention and allows One-Hand Quick attachment of Accessory Item. It's always good to have some extra clips in your Save-A-Dive Kit.