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The SOS-kit is a set of tools that every diver should have at hand when diving in open water and in currents or in places where currents can be expected. The mesh bag, which can fit in a vest or dry-suit pocket, contains a strobe light, signal buoy, signal mirror, dye and safety line. 

The SOS-kit is not a substitute for diver training in currents. When diving in ocean currents, it is necessary to adhere to a number of rules and processes that are both generally applied and intended or agreed for the given dive. Needless deviation from these rules can threaten your safety and that of the other divers in the group. Undergo the necessary, appropriate training and gain experience before you take part in a dive in a current. The emergency kit can effectively increase the chance that you will be quickly found if you lose sight of the dive boat only if you have the appropriate training. Always bear in mind that diving is a potentially dangerous activity and that you can encounter a situation where even the use of every tool in the kit cannot guarantee your safety. 

SOS Kit contents: 

Strobe light #8050 
Signal buoy #8055 
Signal mirror #8052 
Dye #8066 
Safety line #8054 
Whistle #8053