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YS-03 Strobe

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Everybody can enjoy TTL strobe photography with this affordable,easy to use, compact underwater strobe.

Fixing bolt, diffuser 
*A Fiber-Optic Cable will also be required when using the YS-03.
* When the YS-03 is used with a non-SEA&SEA housing, a Strobe Mask Set may be required along with the Fiber-Optic Cable.
*Use of genuine SEA&SEA Fiber-Optic Cables is recommended. SEA&SEA strobes may not function properly if third-party Cables are used (functions such as TTL auto exposure in particular).

Do not use non-recommended batteries (such as lithium primary batteries). Use of non-recommended batteries may cause battery leakage and overheating and may cause the strobe to rupture, which could result in personal injury.