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90 Regulator Swivel Adaptor

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Swivel Adaptor, 90 degrees


This swivel adaptor for the second stage regulator fits between the hose and second stage to allow the regulator to be positioned on a more comfortabe 90 degree angle.  These are often used for a regulator with a 'right side hose' (stadnard) is connected on a short or regular hose coming from the left side tank in a set of twin tanks.


Connects to a standard regulator hose (9/16"-18 UNF-2A LP regulator hose) at one end and the second stage regulator (9/16" - 18 UNF - 28 regulator or other adaptor) at the other.


Reduces jaw stress and may enable a shorter regulator hose to be used for many and various applications (less weight, tighter equipment, better streamlining etc).