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Stealth central weight pocket

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XDeep Stealth 2.0 Sidemount Central Weight Pocket - (NO Harness or BCD)

Made from heavy duty Cordura with Velcro tabs on each compartment and an upper band with Velcro to double-close the weights inside. The CWP provides 100% secure closure!

In caves or wrecks, the upper band prevents accidental opening of the pocket even when in contact with the ceiling.


  • Medium - 6kg (~13.2lbs) M
  • XLarge (double) - 12kg (~26.4lbs) D
  • Wide - 7kg (~16 lbs) W

The medium size is suitable for many applications in wetsuits and drysuits when using aluminium or steel cylinders.  If using a more buoyant drysuit (e.g. tri-laminated with thick undergarments) and aluminium cylinders, then the extra large CWP is likely to be your best bet.  The wide weight pocket allows for ingot style weights as opposed to thread on style weights.  They will fit slightly better.