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3 Level Wrist Slate

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Whether you are a new diver or a dive instructor, or anywhere in between, you always have the need to write something down underwater. For the new diver, it may be for asking questions later back on the boat or shore about why you felt something or what kind of marine life you encountered. For the photographer, it may be the camera settings used on specific shots you took for review later. For the instructor, the ability to write underwater may be necessary for an evaluation of a student's skills.

Whatever your need, this Multi-Page Wrist Slate is curved to fit comfortably on your wrist and is available in standard and glow-in-the-dark models. If you have been night diving or in a low light situation (wreck or cave penetration) and wanted to write something down you need 3-hands, one for your slate, one for the pencil and a third for the dive light. The three-page design gives you more than enough writing space to get your message across. Slate is equipped with a hook and loop strap for mounting on the wrist, and the slate has a pencil that is attached to a coiled lanyard and a tube to secure pencil when not in use.

Multi-Page Wrist Slate Features

Great Multiple Page Slate Design


Useful for Divers of All Skill Levels

Hook and loop Wrist Strap to Secure Slate

Coiled Lanyard Attaches Pencil

Tube to Secure Pencil

Durable Plastic Construction