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Shark Shield

Shark Shield - Test Unit

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You know this, which is why you bought a Shark Shield unit in the first place. Now ensure that it’s working to its optimal potential at all times. Make sure you get the protection you require, when you need it most. The Shark Shield test unit is a purpose-built, easy to use product that should be an essential part of your gear.

We have made it simple for everyone to be able to give their products a regular maintenance check.


Download the step-by-step instructions here or follow the simple steps below:

Turn Shark Shield on

The unit being tested should be fully charged before testing.

After diagnostic sequence, the green LED on Shark Shield will start blinking.

Prepare the Shark Shield unit for testing by placing it so both electrodes are coiled within close proximity of each other but NOT TOUCHING.

Ensure test tips are securely on the ends of the leads.

Place one probe on each of the electrodes ensuring a good clean contact is made. This can be seen as silver material under the black braided cover.

LED on the Shark Shield will go to solid green, meaning the circuit is complete and the unit is operating as it would in sea water mode.

LED’s on the text box will flash between + and – every half second and the Green LED on the Shark Shield unit is steady (not blinking.)

This is the normal operation under load and verifies that there is no damage to the antenna and the Shark Shield is operating correctly.