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SUMP Loop Bungee Holders

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Ever had trouble finding your bungees when trying to don sidemount tanks? Loop Bungee Holders will make sure that you always find your bungee.

Each Loop Bungee Holder threads onto 50mm / 2in shoulder strap webbing like a triglde - this one has 4 webbing slots which allows you to add a d-ring or two as required. When fitting you bungee pass it though the large hole. The Loop Bunge Holder should be fitted just below the armpit height, so that the bugee will run straight when a tank is connected. 

Made from heavy duty stainless steel approximately 2.5mm thick, nicely finished with smooth edges. Another quality product from SUMP.


  • 2 x Loop Bungee Holders (1 pair).

Bungee and webbing used for illustration purposes only and are not included.

Slightly shaped as a left side and right side for better fit.

Top quality stainless steel.