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xDeep Weight Pockets

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Dumpable Weight Pockets

by xDeep

Dumpable weight pockets are much more comfortable than wearing a weight belt. A weight belt places the weight in the small of your back, whereas these dumpable weight pockets transfer the weight to the backplate (or Stealth harness), allowing the wing to lift the weight instead of your back.

Two pockets are contained in each pack, and attaching hardware is included. Select from the following pocket sizes:

  • Small - 2 pockets, 2kg each - total 4kg (8.8 lbs), or
  • Medium - 2 pockets, 3 kg each - total 6kg (13.2 lbs), or
  • X-Large - 2 pockets, 6 kg each - total 12kg (26.4lbs).

With xDeep dumpable weight pockets, the lead is placed in an insert / inner pocket that is equipped with zipper a user-friendly handle for easy carrying and safety. The weights are secured in the pocket by a heavy duty clip that is passed through the carry handle. You can simply take out the inner pockets, one at a time and pass them to the boat crew to make it easier to get on the boat, with less risk of dropping the weight. In the case of a diving emergency, squeeze the clips and allow the inner pockets to drop away freely.