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X Flow valve

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X Flow valve to suit Faber steel cylinders 3 litre 232 bar


X-flow with green hand wheel
X-flow with black hand wheel
The San-O-Sub T profile X Flow valve is specifically designed to be used with Rebreather cylinders where compactness, low profile and accessibility to the hand wheel are important. This inline valve can be used on the Dilutent and Oxygen cylinder and is constructed of chrome plated aircraft brass with Oxygen service components.For used on any rebreather that requires inline cylinder valves, including the rEvo, Evolution, Inspiration, Prism, and Titan.The valve has the shorter 200 bar, female DIN connection with 5 threads to connect your first stage DIN scuba regulator.The valve has a standard 3/4"x14 NPSM (NGS) parallel thread to fit the cylinder neck thread of most Australian Standard aluminium and steel tanks/cylinders/bottles. It has a 60° thread form, a pitch diameter of 0.9820 to 0.9873 in (24.94 to 25.08 mm), and a pitch of 14 threads per inch (5.5 threads per cm).
WARNING: Please ensure that you are fitting the valve to a cylinder with a matching thread. Mistakes can cause death or serious injury.

The valve comes Oxygen Clean. The valve is constructed of rugged brass with chrome plated finish for durability, plus Oxygen compatible components and lubricants.All valves are manufactured using certified CW 617 N pressed brass. The valves are precision cut using the latest CNC technologies and then protected with nickel and chrome platings, and then assembled and quality controlled with special calibration equipment by expert staff. The valves are CE EN250 and PED CE 97/23 approved and come with all necessary declarations. All the valves include seals and are assembled compatible oxygen lubricants.