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Zeos Comfort BCD

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Zeos 28/38 wing, Aluminium Backplate - Comfort BCD

by XDeep

The Zeos is the technical-style sport diving BCD that you can just take out of the box and dive, or customise just the way you like it.

Recreational divers are often reluctant to buy a harness, backplate and wing system because they worry they will "miss bits" or not be able to assemble and manage the configuration.  When you order the ZEOS, you receive fully assembled and configured equipment - it's just as easy as if you bought a jacket BCD but with the benefits of a technical diving system.

Unlike most recreational BCDs that have a single 'skin', the Zeos wing features the same  as other xDeep technical diving wings, such as the Hydros and Stealth BCDs that are used for wreck and cave diving - it's rare to find such good quality and robustness in a sport diving BCD.

The Zeos is also easily upgraded to a double / twin-tank BCD system with the addition of a  and twin tank bands.

The Zeos 28/38 deluxe full set includes (depending on selection from drop down list):

  • Zeos 28 or 38 wing (Zeos 28 - 28lbs, 13kg, Zeos 38 - 38lbs, 17kg buoyancy).
  • 3mm Aluminium (Al) Backplate.
  • DIR harness & crotch strap.
  • 3D mesh pads - full set - backpad and shoulder pads.
  • 2 x dumpable weight pockets (13lbs, 6kg).
  • Single Tank Adapter (STA) - Aluminium.
  • Power Inflator and LP inflator hose.
  • 2 x tank bands.

Note that the dumpable weight pockets are removable if you prefer to use a weight belt.