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Zeos Deluxe BCD Set

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Zeos Deluxe with Aluminium Backplate


A bespoke and balanced solution for passionate single tank adventurers. Featuring a Zeos 28 or Zeos 38 wing, a deluxe harness (with quick-release buckles) and stainless steel hardware, 3D mesh pads for extra comfort, and a precision machined aluminium backplate and single tank adapter.

The Zeos is a high quality sport diving BCD with the classic form and benefits of a backplate, harness and wing system as traditionally used for technical diving. However, recreational divers are often hesitant to buy such systems because they have, in the past, been a case buying all the pieces and performing assembly on your own. However, your ZEOS comes complete and assembled - simply fit the tank bands (easy) and go dive your adventure!

It's as simple as buying a jacket BCD but with the benefits of a technical diving system. Of course, as a backplate, harness and wing system, you have a choice of the sized wing you want and if you would like to add things such as dumpable weight pockets and trim pockets of various sizes.

Unlike most recreational BCDs with a 'single skin', the Zeos wing features a rugged double-layer construction (just like the technical diving wings for the Hydros and Stealth BCDs) giving you added reliability and safety for exploring wrecks and reefs alike. The Zeos wing is a innovative design by XDEEP, carefully sculpted to improve the diver's trim, be streamlined and provide a more comfotable surface position.

The Zeos Deluxe, with aluminium backplate, includes:

  • Deluxe harness with quick release buckles, 3D mesh shoulder pads, crotch strap, and heavy duty stainless steel D-rings and buckle.
  • 3D mesh back pad
  • Backplate (BP) - 3mm aluminium.
  • Zeos 28 wing (28lbs, 13kg of buoyancy) or Zeos 38 wing (38lbs, 17kg of buoyancy) - select from drop down list above.
  • Single Tank Adapter (STA) - Aluminium.
  • Power Inflator and LP inflator hose.
  • 2 x tank bands.
  • Manual

As an optional extra, select Dumpable weight pockets from the second drop down list for up to 16kg of lead ballast (i.e. 2 x 8kg).

Trim pockets are optional extras. The Zeos can also grow with your diving capabilities, and can be upgraded into a twin-tank system using a HYDROS wing and twin tank bands.