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The Breeze Snorkel was conceived exclusively for spearfishing. The tube is moulded in two types of materials with different hardness. Three-fourths of the tube, in the lower part, is made with a semi-rigid thermoplastic material.The stiffness of this part of the tube helps avoid annoying vibrations during ascent and doesn't allow for crimping, which leads to a reduction of the air-passage section which is under the pressure of strap of the mask. The upper part, in green colour, is made with a much softer material. This reduces any sounds made with a much softer material if bumped against rocks and allows for easy bending of the snorkel if it becomes blocked, thus making cave fishing safer. The Breeze snorkel is made entirely with a non-reflecting satin finish.Available colors: Black, Green, Blackmoon, Sea Green and Camu 3D.