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Ever wondered what its like to zoom around the ocean floor with an underwater scooter?

One of the biggest but mostly unrecognised benefits of diving with a scooter is the lack of air you use.

It just shows how the effort of diving really makes you work out... I know by now you are all saying “Wow so that’s how Lee keeps in such awesome shape!” (Round is a shape ok?)

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Our Current Strategy ‘protecting our ocean playground’ includes many goals and strategies to help us reach our targets.

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Your SHARKSKIN garments are made right here in Australia! We are the largest employer of Australian's in the Australian dive or paddle equipment manufacturing sector.

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Everybody is familiar with the concept of losing precious objects, whether is jewelry, money, or even electronics. One thing is for sure, no one is ever happy when that happens. And most of the time, you go ahead and replace the said item.

The Paralenz Dive Camera is no stranger to this concept. There are a few cases of lost Paralenz Dive Cameras, and the story behind these unfortunate events gets more interesting with each case. One aspect seems to be common in all these stories that reach our eyes and years, and that is the fact that THE CAMERA STILL WORKS!

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"I am very proud to constantly develop and support our Ladies first line for women divers and to show the market that those products can be well designed, good looking and cool. The new color proposal goes along with fashion today to show that diving is great and modern sport for women who are choosing the dive gear dedicated for them.”

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