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Nautilus Lifeline GPS

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How does it work?

When you activate the Nautilus Lifeline, a signal is sent to any vessels within a 50 Klm (34 miles) radius who have an AIS (automatic identification system) unit on board. These are on all commercial ships and most larger vessels. Sea Rescue and Water Police included.

Another message is sent to all vessels that have a VHF unit (The unit needs to be set up for this but I will cover that a bit further down) 

What do they see?

Vessels with AIS will get a flashing message on their screen. It will show as a “Man Overboard” and show latitude and longitude co-ordinates.

VHF receivers will hear a warning signal and the screen will flash with a distress message. It will also show latitude and longitude co-ordinates.

How do I set up the send on VHF?

You will need to download the Nautilus Lifeline app and follow the instructions on changing the setting from USA to International. Quite a simple process and easy to follow. One thing, when you have made the changes, the unit will flash a strobe light twice to confirm the settings have been changes. I noticed there were no details on how you confirmed it had been successful.

Do I need to register the unit?

No, it is a personal device and as you are not using two way, you do not need a radio operators’ licence.

The Nautilus Lifeline is a perfect safety unit for all free divers and scuba divers. Only last week we saw what happens when a boat breaks away for the anchor and leaves three divers drifting in the middle of nowhere.

Half the Size

The all new Nautilus LifeLine is less than half the size of our original radio and is incredibly simple to use.

No MMSI & Registration

No special or dedicated base units required.  No registration, subscriptions or service fees required.

Positively Buoyant

Your Nautilus LifeLine floats! It is waterproof in all sea conditions.


LifeLine GPS is waterproof. It is depth rated to 130m with cap closed.

5 Year Battery Life

Just keep the o-ring clean and forget about it for the next 5 years!

Accurate Positioning

Your gps position accurate to 1.5 metres and a man overboard distress message will be broadcast to all AIS equipped ships up to 34 miles away as well as a special DSC message to the marine radio on your own vessel. 

AIS Transmit Power1 Watt
AIS Frequency
161.975 and 162.025 MHz
DSC Transmit Power
0.5 Watt
DSC Frequency
156.525 MHz
Individual Distress Relay, Distress Alert
Environmental Temperature Range
-25°C - +55°C
Waterproof Depth425 feet (130 meter) sea water
2.9 x 3.8 x 1.5 inch (75 x 97 x 39 mm)Weight
4.6 Oz (131g) including batteries